A Smart Door Locking And Unlocking IoT Solution For The Hospitality Industry

Built for a Taiwanese tech company to create a unique check-in experience for hotel guests, eliminating the need for them to stand in long lines at the reception desk to complete the formalities.

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About the Client

An IoT solution for a Taiwan-based tech company that utilizes a proprietary hardware device for the hospitality industry to provide a unique automated check-in experience for hotel guests, eliminating the need for them to stand in long lines at the reception desk to complete formalities.

  • Build a mobile application that provides end users with room allocation details and digital keys to unlock the hotel room directly from it.
  • Develop a web application for the hotel staff to manage guest details and assign rooms and digital keys
  • Have proper security measures in place to avoid the misuse of digital keys.

Project Challenges

The client wanted an IoT application that would not only enhance the convenience for end users but also alleviate the burden on hotel staff, who had previously been occupied with the process of checking in and checking-out guests, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of the business. The following were the primary challenges identified:

  • iBeacon integration to automate the check-in process for hotel guests. When a guest arrives at the hotel, iBeacons automatically detect their presence and process their check-in, room allocation, and provide access to a digital key. This key can be used to unlock their allocated room door automatically using a proprietary device installed on the room door, providing guests with a seamless, automated room access experience.
  • We built a sophisticated web application for the hotel staff to facilitate the management of guest information, allocation of rooms and digital keys, and access to various statistical data for informed decision-making processes.
  • We developed an iOS and Android mobile app that allowed end-users to receive room details and digital keys and even pay for the room from the mobile app itself.
  • We deployed a proper authentication system to ensure the digital keys do not work if assigned wrongly or if someone else tried to misuse them. Our consumer IoT technology also enabled digital key sharing most safely.

Our Solution

The IoT solution developed by us allowed the hotel staff to efficiently manage the guest check-in and check-out operations, thereby increasing their productivity and accommodating more parallel guest check-ins during peak season. The following are the steps that were taken in the implementation of this solution:


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