Smart IoT-based Fluid Level & Condition Monitoring Solution

Eliminate the guesswork and inefficiencies of traditional fluid monitoring methods by accurately monitoring fluid levels to gain real-time insights. Reduce downtime maintenance, minimize operational risks, and prevent frustrating business losses.

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Business Operational Challenges

Quality Control Issues

Improper fluid management and monitoring cause issues like reduced equipment efficiency and product quality, lowering overall profits and the customer satisfaction rate.

Deterioration Of Fluid Constituents

Wrongful storage, handling, and utilization of fluids can deteriorate fluid constituents, which minimizes efficiency, increases maintenance costs, and decreases product quality.

Difficulty in Determing Fluid Conditions

Traditional fluid condition monitoring methods are manual, time-consuming, and prone to inaccuracies, making it challenging to identify and address real issues promptly.

Operational Risks

Incidents, such as equipment failures, fluid spills, and leaks can result in significant losses, environmental damage, and potential harm to people and property.

Environmental Impact

Fluid spills and leaks can adversely lead to soil and water contamination, cause harm to wildlife, and increase air pollution.

Maintenance & Repair Costs

Fixing equipment failures and leaks can have a significant impact on the bottom line when there is no system in place to detect and alert for potential issues.

Inefficient Resource Utilization

When fluid levels are inadequately managed, it gives rise to unnecessary waste and overconsumption, which means higher business expenses and lower profits.


If fluid levels are not appropriately monitored, equipment may run on low fluid levels, leading to poor operational performances and reduced worker productivity.

Use Cases

Liquid Tanks

Monitor and control liquid levels in tankers, fuel tanks, industrial tanks, and so on to prevent spills and leaks, optimize inventory levels, and improve overall efficiency.

Fuel Monitoring

Keep track of fuel levels in equipment and vehicles in real time with our IoT solution, so you never run out of fuel and hamper business operations.

Energy Equipment

Prevent equipment failures and improve efficiency of generators and transformers by keeping your energy consumption levels in check.


Our IoT solutions can surveil fluid levels like coolant in HVAC systems, helping maintain optimal conditions and preventing equipment failures.

Storage Facilities

Our IoT-enabled systems can provide real-time information on fluid levels and locations, reducing the need for manual tracking and increasing operational accuracy.

Chemical Manufacturing

Use data from connected devices and sensors to make informed decisions about fluid management, ensuring that chemicals are used safely and efficiently.

Filtration/Desalination Plant

Use IoT sensors to track the performance of filtration and desalination systems in real-time, allowing for early detection of any problems and proactive maintenance.

Food and Beverages

By utilizing IoT technology, food and beverage processing and storage can be monitored to maintain fluid levels and conditions, promoting quality control and preventing spoilage.

Replace conventional fluid management with smart IoT-based solution

Solution Features

Liquid Level Monitoring

Liquid Quality Parameters Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

Alerts & Notifications

Integration with Existing Systems

Predictive Analytics

User Management

Highly Secure and Scalable

Questions You May Have

What types of fluids can be monitored using your IoT-enabled fluid level monitoring solution?

Our IoT-enabled fluid level monitoring solution is designed to monitor the level of any type of fluid. Whether it is water, oil, concentrated liquid, or any other fluid, our solution is not dependent on the type of fluid being monitored.

Do you provide sensors for monitoring fluid levels?

No, we do not provide sensors for monitoring fluid levels. You will need to purchase sensors from the market depending on the type of fluid you want to monitor. If you are not familiar with the sensors required, our team can assist you in researching and identifying suitable sensors. We will then develop the IoT solution that will retrieve the data from the sensors, and allow you to monitor the fluid levels through our web and mobile application.

Can I monitor the quality of the fluid in addition to the level using your solution?

Yes, you can. Depending on the specific quality parameters you wish to monitor, we will work together to identify the appropriate sensors and integrate them with the level monitoring sensor. For instance, if you want to monitor the quality of water, some of the parameters that can be monitored include pH, TDS, and turbidity. By integrating the sensors that measure these parameters along with the level monitoring sensor, you can accurately monitor both the level and quality of the fluid using our solution.

What level of accuracy can be expected when monitoring the levels of fluid stored in a storage tank using your solution?

The accuracy of the fluid level monitoring will depend on several factors, such as the quality of the sensor, the type of fluid, the type of storage tank, and the location of the sensor. While the level of accuracy may vary based on these factors, We will work closely with you to ensure that the solution meets your requirements and provides the level of accuracy you need to effectively monitor your fluid levels.

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