Unified EV Charging Management Software Solution for OEMs, CPOs, and Fleet Operators

Do you have the charger? We have EV charging software. Our comprehensive platform is designed to manage and optimize the charging operations for charging point operators, fleet operators, and charger manufacturers. With real-time monitoring, user management, and location management tools.

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EV Charging Management Software System Designed for

EV Charger Manufacturers

We partner with EV charger manufacturers to bundle their hardware with our powerful software for seamless charging operations, installation, onboarding, remote management, and ongoing support.

Charge Point Operators

Our EV Charging Management System is a powerful and flexible solution that works with any OCPP-compliant charger. It enables charging point operators to monitor, manage, and troubleshoot their charging infrastructure remotely, integrate with existing infrastructure, and optimize charging to improve the user experience.

EV Fleet Operators

Our comprehensive solution empowers EV fleet operators to take control of their fleet. With easy-to-configure modules for driver management, EV fleet management, and EV charging scheduling, our solution streamlines fleet operations at scale, improving return on investment and reducing the total cost of ownership.

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Solution Features

Charger onboarding & Configuration

EV Fleet Management

User Management (Company, Drivers & CPOs)

Charger Management

Booking & Scheduling

Control and Monitor AC / DC Chargers

Charging Sessions & History

Usage analysis

Charger fault diagnostics

OTA Updates

Multi-charging Location Management

Notifications & Alerts

Questions You May Have

Will the EV Charging Management Software work with all brands of EV chargers?

Yes, our software is compatible with all types of EV chargers that comply with the OCPP 1.6 protocol.

I am an EV charger manufacturer. Can you create a custom EV charging management software for my brand?

Yes, we have extensive technical expertise in developing software for EVs. We can create a fully customized EV charging management software tailored to your brand.

How can your EV charging software help me manage my EV fleet?

Our EV Fleet Charging Management System enables you to efficiently manage your entire EV fleet and charging operations, including charging history for each vehicle, driver management, and booking charging slots at charging stations for optimal utilization of your charging infrastructure.

Can the EV charging software remotely monitor the condition of all installed chargers?

Yes, our EV charging software allows you to remotely monitor, control, and troubleshoot chargers that are installed at charging stations located across different places. This capability enables you to keep all chargers in good condition and quickly resolve any issues that arise.

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