Robust & Rapid Development Platform for Building and Managing IoT Solutions

Highly customizable IntuThings platform is designed to help businesses launch and manage loT products with ease, regardless of the industry niche or use case. Make use of its robust features, ready-made components, a user-friendly interface, seamless cloud integration.

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IntuThings Platform

IntuThings' base platform takes the hassle out of building IoT products. With its easy-to-use features, you can quickly launch your solution without dealing with technical complexities. It's equipped with modern security features, standard business logics, and essential IoT components, making it flexible enough to bring your IoT ideas to life. Whether you're launching a new prototype or expanding your product line, IntuThings has got you covered.

Accelerate IoT Product development

Lower Development Costs

Highly Customizable

Suitable for a Range of IoT Use Cases

Faster Time To Market with impactful results

Secure & Scalable

Business Use Cases Of IntuThings

EV Charging Management

EV Charging Management

IoT-based solution to manage and optimize the charging operations for charging point operators, fleet operators, and charger manufacturers.

Smart Water Quality

Monitor water usage and quality by utilizing IoT technology smartly. Address the challenges of water supply and conservation. Conserve this scarce resource with IoT.

Smart Air Quality

Let us enable you to track and utilize localized air quality data and analytics to decrease carbon emissions, ensure clean air, and boost public health in the process.

Smart Generator Monitoring

Our IoT-enabled genset application empowers you to optimize generator performance and reduce maintenance costs through data analytics.

Fluid-Level Monitoring

Surveil fluid levels and conditions in actual time with unparalleled accuracy. Minimize downtime and risks, and eliminate inefficiencies.

Product Quality Monitoring

Collect and study real-time data from connected devices to identify deviations from quality standards, and rectify them before they become bigger problems.

Energy Management

Fetch valuable insights into energy usage patterns in buildings, industrial facilities, and other connected environments to optimize energy usage and preserve the environment.

Industrial Monitoring

Enjoy a transformative impact on the productivity and efficiency of your IoT operations. Connect your smart devices and sensors to the cloud enabling secure data collection and analysis.

Supply Chain Management

Track deliveries, optimize logistics, enhance communication, and lower business expenses with IoT solution platform. Revolutionize the way you manage your supply chain with IntuThings.

Healthcare Solutions

IoT sensors provide real-time insights into your machinery’s health, allowing you to plan maintenance and avoid costly breakdowns. No more unexpected outcomes; only informed decisions with radical health monitoring.

Fleet Management

Keep an eye on your cargo and fleet operations, detect and address problems in your fleet, and facilitate timely maintenance operations. Get data related to fuel usage, expenses, and traffic conditions and more.

Asset Monitoring

Stay ahead of potential equipment failures and reduce resource consumption - remotely via IoT. Gain maximum asset productivity and streamline your operations with our smart asset monitoring solution.

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Platform Features

Customization and Integrations

Device Management

Rule Engine

Firmware Management & OTA Updates

Telemetry Data Collection

Alerts & Notifications

Hardware Agnostic

Open APIs & SDKs

Security & Compliance

Flexible Hierarchies

On-going Support & Maintenance

Questions You May Have

Does the IntuThings Platform have a fixed monthly subscription fee for developing a product or solution?

There isn't a fixed monthly subscription fee for using the IntuThings Platform to develop IoT solutions. Each use case has its own unique business requirements, and the IntuThings team will use a combination of off-the-shelf features and customized modules based on the IoT device requirements. The team will estimate the required effort and provide a ballpark estimate to the client-partner accordingly.

Is the IoT platform designed for a specific industry use case?

No, our IoT platform is designed as a generic accelerator framework that can be used to develop IoT products and solutions for a variety of business use cases. We use off-the-shelf modules that are commonly required across different industry requirements, helping businesses to develop IoT products more quickly and meet their go-to-market expectations.

Which cloud platforms are supported for device connectivity by IntuThings?

IntuThings' IoT product development platform supports some of the world's most widely used cloud platforms, including Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and AWS IoT Core.

Is there a limit to the number of devices that the platform can handle?

No, there is no limit to the number of devices that IntuThings' base platform can handle. The platform is designed to handle devices at scale, whether you are in the early stages of IoT product development with a few devices for the prototype phase, or you already have a mature IoT product and are looking to scale up. We work with you to architect the right IoT solution that is both scalable and secure.

Does the platform support all types of IoT-enabled hardware devices?

Yes, there is no limitation with regard to the type of IoT-enabled hardware device that the platform can support. As long as the hardware device has the appropriate firmware that allows for connectivity with the cloud platform, it can be used with the IntuThings platform.

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