IoT-based Smart Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Our Smart IoT-based Air Quality Monitoring solution offers real-time monitoring and analysis of both indoor and outdoor air quality for businesses, using advanced sensors and machine learning algorithms to ensure a healthy, compliant and cost-efficient work environment.

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Where our Solution can be deployed

Construction Sites

Manufacturing Facilities

Factories & Refineries

Fertilizer and Pesticides Factories

Pharmaceutical laboratories

Hospitals & Laboratories

Smart Cities

Construction Sites

Manufacturing Facilities

How Smart Air Quality Monitoring Solution can help your business

Improve Work Conditions And Efficiency

Identify and eliminate sources of indoor/outdoor air pollution using IoT-connected sensors, making the work environment healthier for employees.

Minimize Emissions

Monitor and reduce emissions from your manufacturing operations, meet emissions reduction targets, and comply with environmental regulations.

Prevent Hazardous Incidents

Detect and alert relevant personnel about potential hazards in real time, taking timely proactive measures to prevent mishaps from occurring.

Enhance Safety Measures

Do a spatial analysis of places to pinpoint areas and sources contributing to air pollution. Take proactive measures to improve worker safety.

Monitor Pollution Trends

Track pollution levels over time using our network of sensors, calculating trends, and making data-driven decisions to reduce pollution.

Meet Government Compliance And Safety Standards

Ensure your environment meets compliance with government safety regulations through real-time monitoring and data collection on the solution.

Solution Features

Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring

Multiple Pollutants Tracking

Humidity Monitoring

Air Velocity Monitoring

Live Heat Mapping

Early Gas Leak Detection

Real-Time Ambient Dust Monitoring

Instant Alerts And Warnings

Multi-Facilities Monitoring

Intuitive Dashboard And Custom Reporting

Emissions Level Monitoring

User Access Management

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What IntuThings AQMS Offers

Easy Integration

Our solution can adapt to new data sources and can be easily integrated with other systems, helping you monitor the impact of air quality regulations conductively.

Customisable Solution

Our plug-and-play AQM hardware requires minimal input, while the software is designed for data visualization to meet the needs of specific environments like factories, offices, and homes.

Highly Scalable & Accurate

The hardware and software used in our AQM solution are designed to handle high-volume data processing and storage capacity and can scale up or down as required.

End to End Support

We provide complete assistance in your AQM project, from initial conceptualization to post-sales service, with the help of a skilled team of IoT developers.

Questions You May Have

Can IntuThings’ AQM solution be integrated with our existing systems and infrastructure?

Yes, our AQM solution has APIs that enable it to connect and share data with other systems and infrastructures, such as BMS for real-time air quality data and HVAC adjustments, and weather forecasting systems for more accurate predictions.

Can your AQM solution be customized to fit our specific needs and requirements?

Our AQM solution can be customized for different business requirements and environments, with a range of sensors and monitoring devices for measuring pollutants and environmental parameters. Data is collected, analyzed in real-time, and displayed in a personalized way for the user.

How is the data collected, stored, and analyzed in your AQM solution?

Our IoT-based AQM platform comes with a centralized hub that receives and stores real-time sensor data in a database. It offers interactive dashboards, alarms and notifications based on predefined thresholds, and generates reports and visualizations for identifying patterns in the data.

How accurate and reliable is the data provided by your AQM solution?

Our properly calibrated and maintained sensors and monitoring devices can provide accurate and reliable data - regardless of the environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure can affect the accuracy of the data. Our AQM solution also uses robust algorithms that can handle missing data, outliers, and other issues that could potentially affect data accuracy.

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