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Make last-mile passenger journeys for your end-users sustainable and comfortable with our IoT-based solution.

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Our solution can be deployed on a variety of vehicles, including bicycles, electric scooters, electric skateboards, e-bikes, and car sharing.

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Rental Business

Consumer Electronics

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Corporate Campus

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Platform Highlights

Here is the thing - to keep a business surging forward its next breakthrough, one needs a team that can leverage weave magic at every stage of the IoT product development cycle. IntuThings is where inspiration meets innovation.

Roll out a custom-made solution for your end-users within weeks

  • Launch your micro-mobility service quickly and efficiently in a short span.
  • Choose from 100s of existing integrations and build new, innovative features - from a single platform.
  • Use our analytics dashboard to track your business progress and offer the best customer service.

Brand your micro-mobility application how you want

  • Make use of a white-labeled rider app for both Android and iOS. Let your end-users easily book a vehicle from mobile.
  • Keep an eye on your entire fleet of bikes, scooters, and other vehicles from the fleet management portal.
  • Facilitate Bluetooth-integrated locking and unlocking of the vehicles via a customer app.

Let your operators enjoy a transparent backend interface.

  • Configure allowed usage and parking zones on the application.
  • Monitor all your vehicles’ critical parameters in real time from the portal.
  • Ensure user safety with GPS positioning and geofence alarms.
  • Enjoy varied payment configurations and give away rich and flexible rates to your end-users.

Solution Features

Sharing bikes and scooters is only for the big city folks? We disagree! Cultivate a habit of flexible and smooth micro-mobility within end-users - regardless of location. Whether you have one vehicle or an entire fleet, it does not matter; our innovative IoT-based micro-mobility platform is apt for every kind of mobility service provider.

Geofencing and real-time vehicle tracking

Remote vehicle management and rent control

Flexible rates and payment configurations

Parking zone configuration

Customizable business rules

Customer identity verification

Customizable provider portal

Ride history and complete activity logs


White-labeled application

Join the revolution of smart and sustainable transportation with IntuThings Micromobility platform.

Experience the power of scalability and robustness in every ride.

Why Our Micromobility Platform Stands Out

Our IoT-based micromobility apps help you deliver a super experience to businesses and end-users and gain a competitive edge overall. We’re a top choice for many OEMs in this space!

Quick Launch

Our IoT solutions are pre-built and ready to be deployed, which means they can be launched quickly. They can be customized to meet specific client needs within a much shorter development timeframe, enabling quicker ROI for our clients.

Easy Vehicle Fleet Integration

The integration process of our micromobility platform is streamlined, and minimal technical expertise is required, making it simple for fleet managers to start tracking and monitoring their vehicles right away.

Highly Scalable

Our system is highly scalable; it can accommodate a large number of vehicles and users without any significant impact on performance. It can also handle a large volume of data and transactions without any latency or downtime.


We use state-of-the-art security measures to ensure that the data transmitted and stored is protected from unauthorized access. This includes data encryption in transit and at rest, secure authentication, and regular security updates.

Questions You May Have

How big is the micro-mobility market?

According to Valuates, the global micro-mobility market is projected to touch $195.42 billion by 2030, banking on a CAGR of 17.4% from 2020, when it was just $40.19 billion, to 2030.

Why is micro-mobility important?

Micro-mobility is essential from an environmental impact perspective. It utilizes lightweight vehicles that the end-user can use to move around within the area instead of taking their own vehicle. The concept keeps minimum vehicles on the road, which means fewer emissions of harmful gasses.

What is the go-to-market time for a custom micro-mobility solution?

IntuThings boasts of launching micro-mobility service platforms quickly and efficiently in a few weeks. Save your go-to-market time by 70% with our ready-to-use platform.

How does IntuThings charge businesses for the micro-mobility platform?

IntuThings charges you for your ready-to-launch micro-mobility platform on a pay-as-you-go basis based on the number of vehicles you want to provide for your end-users.

Do I need to have knowledge of IoT to manage my micro-mobility platform?

Absolutely not! You do not need any technical know-how of IoT or have to implement the micro-mobility solution from scratch as our platform experts take care of everything. User experience is the focal point of our solution, so you do not have any problem using it.

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