IoT Based Smart Water Quality Monitoring & Control Solution

Monitor water usage and quality by leveraging IoT technology smartly. Protect the most precious resource with IntuThings.

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Applications of Smart Water Quality Solution

Fish & Aquarium Management

Government Water Supply

Industrial Water Supply

Smart City Water Management

Agriculture Water Management

River, Lakes & Dams Management

Water Tanks

Fish & Aquarium Management

Government Water Supply

Benefits of Smart Water Quality Solution

Our smart water quality monitoring solutions use the power of IoT, AI, and Big Data technologies to help OEMs address the challenges of water supply and conservation. Commit to enhancing the quality of water resources and minimizing the impact of unrestrained water consumption.

Water waste reduction

Calculate consumption levels, leakage detection rate, and predictive maintenance ratio to know how much water is used/wasted.

Energy saving

For water metering, accurate periodic interval readings can provide great energy savings and excellent customer experience.

Downtime prevention

With predictive analytics, you can prevent asset downtime, increase operational efficiency and enable safe monitoring.

Healthy workplace

Using IoT sensors, you can monitor, control, and improve water quality in real-time and ensure healthy living for people.

Avoiding hazardous chemicals

Our systems can prevent contamination of water by chemical waste and natural pollution by monitoring water quality continually.

Safe water supply

We need clean water upstream to have healthy communities downstream. We ensure there is a sustainable supply of quality water at all times.

Extreme health benefits

High water quality standards protect human health and avoid the costs related to productivity loss, medical care, and even loss of life!

Minimized damage to life and property

When you preserve the quality of water, you also take care of the well-being of flora and fauna everywhere. We help you achieve this goal with ease.

Platform Highlights

IntuThings Smart Water Quality Monitoring measures the water quality parameters, such as temperature, pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen levels, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) and keeps them within a suitable range.

Launch an IoT-based Smart Water Quality Monitoring solution quickly

Our IoT-connected device monitors water quality online continuously - whether government and industrial water systems or rivers, lakes and canals. We can monitor and measure up to six parameters in real-time and notify relevant authorities and stakeholders to take relevant action in case of an emergency.

Gain a map view with “Site” and “Device” lists.

Want to keep a bird's-eye view on where the site and device are located? Our Smart Water Quality Monitoring solution has a feature called map view for that. There are two tabs to select from - “Site” and “Device” along with markers for displaying the location.

Let the operators enjoy forecast status for sensors

Our Smart Water Quality Monitoring device gives something called the “forecast status,” which basically keeps the authorities updated about all the water quality sensors present in the device. Forecasts provide a basis for making decisions in a timely manner. Current analysis and future forecast both are accessible through the IoT-powered solution.

Get notified in real-time and take prompt action

The real-time notification is a great way to convey a message of urgency. IoT technology, in general, enables you to send and/or receive notifications and take action. In our Smart Water Quality Monitoring solution, the notifications are divided into three categories - Major, Minor, and Low - each highlighting the urgency level of the message.

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Solution Features

The IntuThings Smart Water Quality Monitoring solution gives you the power to monitor water usage by combining hardware, software, sensors, and wireless communications. Perform wastewater disposal efficiently and economically.

Ultrasonic level measurement

Sensor data

Emergency detection

Water network monitoring

Floating level control

High battery performance

Analytical measurement

Flow measurement

Alert and notifications

Real-time monitoring

Mobile app (Android and iOS)

Multi-location management

Questions You May Have

How can IoT help in the water management system?

An IoT-powered smart water quality management system monitors various parameters such as humidity, temperature, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen levels. The IoT technology engineered by IntuThings enables real-time water consumption, helps identify excessive usage and wastage points, and makes predictions for future consumption.

Why is smart water distribution important?

Smart water distribution gives a better understanding of the water system, detects leaks, and monitors water quality. Companies use IoT sensors for real-time monitoring and control. Enhance the efficiency of your water systems such as treatment plants, water collectors, and distribution mains with the help of IntuThings.

Which sensors are used in water quality monitoring?

Some of the sensors used in smart water quality monitoring include temperature sensor, TOC sensor, conductivity sensor, turbidity sensor, TDS sensor, pH sensor, ORP sensor, and residual chlorine sensor.

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