Smart Generator Monitoring & Controlling Solution for OEMs

An IoT-enabled generator monitoring and control solution for manufacturers to improve generator performance and lower maintenance costs by providing real-time analytics

Smart Generator Monitoring & Controlling Solution

What Smart Generator Solution offers to OEMs

Control And Monitor Genset Remotely

Start and stop the genset, monitor its performance, and/or troubleshoot it remotely without any on-site visits.

Optimize Power Generation

Save big on energy costs through our power generation data and fuel consumption reports. Improve genset condition.

Prevent Unauthorized Usage

Our IoT sensors detect when the genset is in use or being hampered, alerting management to restrict or shut down the system as necessary.

Smart Capacity Utilization

Based on real-time data on capacity utilization, increase or decrease genset capacity, so it operates efficiently.

Get Real-Time Fuel Theft And Faults Alerts

Receive notifications on low fuel, theft, tampering and other faults to ensure accurate fuel delivery and keep your genset running smoothly.

Predict & prevent Issues

Track the vital aspects of the genset on a predefined interval to check its status and plan its repair and/or maintenance on time.

Better Customer Experience

24/7 monitoring of vital parameters ensures predictive maintenance and dramatically reduces the risk of failures in the genset, upping the customer experience.

Gain Insights To Improve Future Genset Models

Fetch data on fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance need, along with customer feedback to inform the development of new genset models.

Platform Highlights


Our smart generator solution dashboard provides real-time data on crucial generator statistics, including fuel reserve, estimated run time, generator power output, headroom, and more. This enables OEMs to monitor their generators' performance and maintenance needs, ensuring a reliable power supply.

Predictive Maintenance

Our smart generator solution keeps track of important generator stats and provides real-time analysis of different conditions to give alerts and notifications when maintenance is required, such as low fuel, oil change, air filter replacement, spark plug replacement, etc. This helps OEMs to take timely preventive measures and avoid unexpected downtime or damage.

Team up with IntuThings to monitor your smart generator efficiently

Say ‘goodbye’ to operational lapses and reduce maintenance costs for your OEM business with our IoT-based solution.

Solution Features

Fuel Level Monitoring

GetSet Location Monitoring

Real-time Alerts and Notifications

Power generation reports

Predictive maintenance

GenSet running time reports

Remote management (On/Off & Lock/Unlock)

Intuitive Dashboard & Reports

Benefits of Smart Genet monitoring solution

Improve Generator Performance

Keep tabs on essential generator metrics like energy output and fuel usage, get alerts for malfunctions, plan genset maintenance and save time and money.

Remote fault diagnostics

The system will notify you with email or SMS alerts when a malfunction is detected and turn on alarms or restrict the genset’s use until appropriate measures are taken.

Reduced maintain cost

Avoid costly service calls by predicting your smart generator and scheduling repairs before the system breaks down.

In-depth analytics & Reporting

Access comprehensive reporting and visualization to track fuel consumption and spot discrepancies with daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

Questions You May Have

What is a smart generator monitoring system?

A smart generator monitoring system helps track and control OEM generators remotely and is typically used for backup power or in off-grid applications. The system uses IoT sensors and other connected devices to gather data on the generator's performance and usage and provides real-time information and alerts to the management. It helps increase the reliability of the generators and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

How does the IntuThings Smart Generator solution work?

The IntuThings Smart Generator solution works by installing sensors on the generators to collect data on various performance parameters, such as temperature, fuel level, voltage, and current. This data is then transmitted to a central IoT platform using a gateway device. The solution can be accessed through a web portal or mobile application, allowing OEMs to view real-time data, track historical trends, and receive alerts when certain thresholds are exceeded.

How does IntuThings help generator OEMs?

IntuThings helps generator OEMs enhance customer satisfaction by providing real-time monitoring and alerts, improve operational reliability, streamline warranty management, and facilitate future product development by collecting and analyzing usage and performance data.

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