A Consumer IoT Solution For Controlling And Automating Pool Equipments

An IoT solution for Germany’s leading swimming pool equipment manufacturing company to enable monitoring, controlling, and managing devices to give the end users a superior application experience.

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About the Client

SPECK Pumps is a Germany-based pump technologies company that provides high-performing, exceptional quality, and visually appealing pool solutions for various projects, from private backyard pools to large public facilities. Their specialism covers public and municipal facilities and private households.

  • To enable the system’s ability to support multiple devices with their associate models
  • To push easy OTA updates for each device type without disrupting firmware versions
  • To ensure seamless user experience despite continuous integrations and deployments
  • To enable the system to comply with GDPR rules and regulations

Project Challenges

The client’s requirements for the project extended beyond software development and included firmware development and consulting requirements pertaining to the Azure IoT Hub platform. It was vital for us to identify the most cost-effective WiFi chip that possessed the necessary OTA features. Once the ESP32 WiFi chip was selected, we consulted the client on the PCB board design of SPECK Pumps and proceeded with firmware development, which involved:

  • We prepared a single channel-driven architecture using MQTT broker that could later support other system features, and leveraged Azure IoT Hub to reduce the additional event count every time a request was sent to or from the devices.
  • We designed a dynamic system architecture that allowed the admin to easily delete/modify/add device models - without hampering the experience of using both web and mobile apps.
  • The system is designed to manage OTA updates easily, the admin can push new updates and maintain firmware versions, users with shared access are notified in real-time during the process and logged-in devices receive real-time status updates to avoid any conflicts.
  • All user data and identification keys in the system are encrypted before being stored in the database to ensure GDPR compliance.

Our Solution

The system we built helps manage IoT-based pump controllers/devices, each having multiple ports connected to various motors, lights, and other devices, that can be controlled through different modes such as manual, timer, or by scheduling ON and OFF operations.


Speck Pumps Case Study

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